Welcome To Apollo !

I would like to welcome you to Apollo Diagnostic Center. Apollo is a young, innovative diagnostics center, with the vision to be the best in Nepal. Our lab is well equipped, with both highly qualified human resources and state of the art technology. We will always strive to provide timely, accurate, reliable and cost-effective diagnostics solutions to our customers.

We are pleased to say that, our center will be customer-focused, where we aim to make sure all our customers are fully satisfied and receive the best possible services. In order to make our services more accessible, we have the home collection option as well as an online reporting system. These services will help us look after more and more customers and make sure that everyone has an easy access to our healthcare and diagnostic services.

At Apollo, we understand that our healthcare skills, know-how and resources should be put at the service of the community. Furthermore, We believe that by ensuring better healthcare services for present and future generations, we contribute to building a brighter world together. It is with great pleasure, I welcome you to Apollo Diagnostics Center.

I wish you all great health, and that you stay safe during these uncertain times.


Dr. Manisha Sharma
Lab Director